Obsessive 833-CST-2 koulutytön asu

Obsessive 833-CST-2 koulutytön asu

Valmistettu EU:ssa. Obsessive on erikoistunut seksikkäisiin, laadukkaisiin alusvaatteisiin. Suunnattu hienoille ja rohkeille naisille. Obsessive tuotteet ovat tyylikkäässä tuotepakkauksessa.

Englanninkielinen tuoteseloste:

833-CST-2 - Naughty student costume

Private lesson?

It's gonna be a really exciting lesson. And you're perfectly prepared! Enter the bedroom wearing this frivolous school uniform and... meet your teacher for hot, private classes. Your homework has to be done and we bet that both of you will enjoy this lesson! So? Looks like it's time to revise your evening plans!

Know the details of your new school uniform:

  • frivolous costume of naughty student
  • see-through top adorned with subtle bow and lacy trim
  • cute collar - inevitable school uniform feature!
  • tiny button and multistage closure on the back - perfect fit guaranteed
  • skirt and thong - 2in1 
  • product includes top, skirt with thong, socks
  • nice in touch, elastic fabrics (90%polyamide, 10%elastane)

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